A Show of Gratitude

I met Paul Rubio around 2008 when I first moved to the Tri-Valley area. I was looking for a place to train and eventually walked into Elite Training Center. I saw heavy bags, Ju-Jitsu matts, and a boxing ring in the front, and fitness in the back. I thought the facility looked awesome and wanted to be a part of it.

I approached Paul and asked him if he had an open gym membership where I could come in and shadow box, hit the bag, and spar if anyone was available. He asked about my experience and I told him I had competed and coached boxing. Paul then said, “Do you want a job?” I was surprised but pumped Paul wanted to hire me on the spot. I decided to go for it and began assisting Paul coaching in his boxing program.

And Vanessa. I remember her walking in the gym with two brand new twin babies. Kudos to you Vanessa. I do not know how you ran a business and took care of twin babies all at once.

I coached for Paul for a couple of years but unfortunately had to stop due to family and career obligations. One day I was asked by a buddy of mine if I still coached boxing. I told him I did not at the time. I then thought about Paul and asked him if I could come in and train a client who was interested in boxing. I honestly expected him to tell me to pound salt since I was gone for so long. Paul simply said, “Come on in bro.”

Paul and Vanessa have always been givers. Their work ethic is like no other and Paul’s story is nothing short of inspirational. Paul and Vanessa genuinely care about people and expect nothing in return. Both are great teachers, educators, motivators, friends, and parents.

I just wanted to say thank you to Paul and Vanessa for allowing me the opportunity to continue to coach boxing. Thank you for allowing me to spread the gospel of a sport that has meant so much to me. Most of all, thank you for being such great people. You are very much appreciated. Merry Christmas.

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