Rest in Peace Nico

On November 15, 2016, I was advised that my friend Nico at the age of 35, had suddenly passed away. I honestly did not know how to react due to his death being so unexpected. I later broke down when it finally hit me that I would never hear Nico's voice again. He was always there to assist me whether it was coaching fighters or in my corner barking orders at me. Nico always had a smile on his face, making me feel so welcome every time I saw him in the gym.

I will always remember Nico standing at his DJ turntables, looking at his laptop, in his super cool sunglasses, Hawaiian shirt ensemble, shorts, and sandals. Nico had a gift and passion for teaching. He absolutely adored everyone he was around, especially his cousins Sigung Jeff and Sifu Jonathan. Nico loved spreading the gospel of boxing, Muay Thai, and Kajukenbo.

I was honored to be one of Nico's first boxing coaches. Nico was a great boxer with freakish athletic ability. I will miss his contagious laughter, bigger than life positive attitude, and his overhand right. Thank you for letting me be your teacher. I learned so much from you...

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