Boxing a Savage Sport?

One of the greatest responses I have ever seen when the public accuses boxing as being a "savage" sport. An excerpt from "Max Baer & The Star of David."

"...for boxing is a sport-and an art-with an ancient and honorable history, that has, with reason, been known as the 'sweet science.' Although its participants may suffer injury, such injury usually results from ignorance in the same manner that those who are injured in other athletic contests, or in automobile or airplane accidents are injured-because they are not well trained, or take liberties that are unwise, or...

Consider this: Do men who fight according to rules encourage them to protect themselves at all times, and with hands swathed in tape and leather-do they die with greater frequency at their vocation than men who work in coal mines, or who build bridges and tunnels? Do they die with greater frequency than men who choose to defend our nation, or patrol our cities' streets, or plunge into burning buildings? Do they die with greater frequency than men who go out to sea in fishing boats... is a way of defending ourselves from those who would do us harm...young men will have the benefit for the rest of their lives of knowing to protect themselves and those they love, and they will also know the pleasure one knows, as in athletic enterprise, or in any of the arts, for that matter-in music, or painting, or dance-when we work in a diligent and disciplined way to perfect a craft."

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