What do you fight for?

What do you fight for? Looking from the Roman warriors to the great American military of WWII, and morphing to our current individual greats, each organization, each person had a "why" in order to carry on. They carried the fight for duty, patriotism, and for glory. WHAT DO YOU FIGHT FOR? Today, most warriors are seen on the field, on the court, or in the ring. We have access to see behind the scenes footage, home lives, and how they party. We see what they value. We see what matters to them. WHAT DO YOU FIGHT FOR? On October 1st, we will see two warriors battle in the ring. Their motivations are different. Their training is different. Though the objective is the same. We will see both fighters battle for the Title: CHAMPION!

#Boxing #UCA #UnitedCombatAssociation

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