Not Just Biceps and Blood

The ring performance is a representation of heart, soul, desire, and skill. All Must be present and work simultaneously in harmony. As in life, the ring is a microcosm of challenge. Each fighter must conjure whatever motivates him to perform at maximum peak levels. It's not just about Biceps and Blood.

David Bermudez has had his share of life experiences: joyous, tragedy, pain, triumphs, and so on. The three most glorious days of his life were the births of his children. He has accomplished feats of higher education, socializing in Las Vegas circles, and joining the ranks of our nation's everyday heroes. He has attained experiences and possessed things that people can and do envy.

Though, there is an empty spot in the heart of this Human, carnal man. The dismal void can Only be filled by the successful, victorious encounter posed by a challenger who's only ambition is to join his friends in photo ops with a championship belt. This small, however, lingering abyss in his heart can only be filled by the victory, not only for him.

Victory, on October 1st, is a personification of a life spent Living Your Dreams and running over the obstacles that want to see you fail! It is indeed, a victory for everyone who has seen Bermudez's tribulations and pitfalls. Victory, here, will be a Celebration of a hero who is loved, admired, and respected.

It's Not Just About Biceps and Blood

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