The Ring isn't the Only Place to be a Better Boxer

Not every lesson in the sweet science has to be taught In the boxing ring. There are many avenues where you could learn and improve upon. Here three things that could make you a better fighter outside of the gym. ...


After a grueling workout session, many people bolt out of the gym faster than a Manny Pacquiao straight left to the jaw. Yes, I understand life's many obligations such as getting homework done, picking up the kids, starting dinner, or going to work. But whether it is in person or a phone call, make some time to ask your trainer how you are doing. That opens the door to a conversation about your technique, your conditioning, and/or how close you are to reaching your goals. Feedback will go a long way in improving your boxing the next time you lace up the gloves.


Whether it is watching film of you sparring your buddy, or watching Ali vs Frazier, film could go a long way in teaching you so much about boxing. But film goes beyond watching two people engage in fisticuffs. Listen to the cornerman of your favorite fighter in between rounds. Watch documentaries of your favorite fighter and how he became world champion. Watch training films, which will not only give you great ideas, but motivate you to hit the gym and reach your goals. Watch interviews, getting into your favorite fighter's mindset and keys to success. Film is such a valuable asset.


Whether you run three miles or take a crossfit class, make sure you get your workouts in outside of the boxing gym. Weight lifting can improve power. Running can improve speed and stamina. Yoga can improve your core and flexibility. Every workout has its advantage. Do not ever feel you have to be limited. Whatever workout you do choose, make sure it is relevant and effective next time you step in the ring.

There are several different ways to improve your boxing. But nothing replaces actual shadow boxing, bag work, mitt work, and sparring. So get out there and delve into feedback, film, and a variety of workouts. But do not ever let up on your training inside of the boxing gym.

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