If you've trained with me, you know that I'm big on quotes and metaphors to get across my message. I like to use quotes from famous boxing trainers like Teddy Atlas, Freddie Roach, Eddie Futch, etc. But I also like to use lessons I've been taught by trainers I have come across throughout the years. Although two trainers will always stand out to me. Those trainers are Skipper Kelp and Chris Ben-Tchavtchavadze. They are one of the most impactful trainers I have ever come across in any sport I have participated in.

I remember one day in the gym training for the nationals, I sparred several rounds and was dog tired. I kept going and put it on one of my sparring partners. I was dog tired but I got through those brutal rounds (I remember in that instance, my sparring partner put it on me as well). I'll never forget what Skipper told me after that round. He said, "If you're in shape, nobody can beat you!" Skipper repeated it over and over again with a passion.

I really didn't get it until I was in the trenches in that tournament. I was tested. Going round for round, blow for blow, it was a eye opening. I finally got it when I saw my opponent sitting in the stool across from me. He was sucking wind with his head hunched over, while was I standing up, bouncing on my toes, ready to go another round.

Those words to this day I recite to all of my fighters. It's a quote that's burned into my memory. It's something that I always have in my brain going into a fight. Thank you Skipper....

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