"So which boxing gloves am I supposed to get coach?” That’s a question I always get asked. I recommend investing a descent amount of money on getting quality boxing bag gloves. Notice I said BOXING bag gloves. Nothing against mixed martial arts or kickboxing, but the quality of the gloves are not as good for strictly boxing purposes. Kicks are incorporated in kickboxing and a lot more techniques are incorporated in mixed martial arts. Sure, there’s punching involved, but boxing is ALL punching. Risk of injury increases in addition to more wear and tear on the non boxing brand gloves.

Also, don’t go to your local sporting good retailer to get quality bag gloves. Even if they are boxing brands, the quality is on the lower end. Order the gear directly from the website of the top boxing brands out there. I recommend 10-12 ounce bag gloves ONLY used to hit the mitts or heavy bags. The main boxing brands out there are Everlast, Ringside, Reyes, Winning, Reyes, Rival, and Grant. The following article written by Ralph Longo provides great information on the pros and cons of gloves out there:

I use Rival and have used them for years. My hands DO NOT hurt nearly as bad as years past. Yes, the gloves are pricier, but they will last you a long time and prevent soreness and hand injuries.

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